Hi, My name is Valerie Watkins and I am the founder and President of e-FLASH Newsletter, LLC. I started coming to Vero close to 45 years ago when my parents were one of the first to build in Summer Place. It was then that I started referring to it as my ‘favorite place in the world’. I have been married to my husband, Howell Watkins for 33 years and we made the big move from Miami to call Vero home in 2011! Howell grew up in the neighboring city of Fort Pierce where his father was one of the prominent family physicians for over 40 years. We have three children who are learning what it is like to be out of college and working in the ‘real world’. I started FLASH when my youngest went off to college  and I had a severe case of the empty nest syndrome. I toyed with the idea of returning to work after being a stay-at-home mom. I had worked for several non profits in Miami and served as the Director for one. Years later I started a community youth non profit in Miami with my daughter and it is no secret that my passion is helping others. It wasn’t long before I had the idea to begin an email newsletter that would link our community and turn each of our 9,000+ subscribers into a ‘FLASHER In-The-Know’. In addition to printing 10,000 copies of the ‘Community Calendar’ every month, FLASH publishes a weekly newsletter. We keep you current on what’s going on around town, spotlight positive people from time to time and include some fun generic postings that we hope you all enjoy! So, grab your cup of coffee on Thursday mornings as you sit and read our e-Flash newsletter. Please always feel free to comment, send a post/flash, recommend a positive person or send us ideas on what you would like to see in FLASH. Team Flash is composed of family and friends and we can’t wait to help link you to everything going on in our little piece of paradise!